Every time I make the sign of the cross, I am signing myself with the Trinity, with Christ and with the Word of God.  But there is much more to being a disciple or traveler than just making the sign of the cross several times a day.  The defining difference for travelers is the conviction that history has been drastically changed by Jesus Christ in his life, death and resurrection.  It is the conviction that our world is different today and there is a different way for people to live.  It’s having eyes of faith to see differences on the world and to experience it !

Jesus calls us to be perfect just as your Heavenly Father is perfect.  Now to think about being perfect is a real stretch for me in my Dougness. I am so far from perfect that I have a hard time thinking about perfection.  Yet Jesus says “Don’t stop !!  Keep working on becoming the person I created you to be !”

The defining difference for us travelers is to go into the world and experience for ourselves the living presence of the risen Christ in ourselves and in others. To feel the whole Spirit’s strength and peace and to trust that He is leading me to wholeness and holiness !  That’s how we achieve perfection !  That’s how I become Doug to the full extent of my Dougness !

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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