Today Jesus tells us not to pray like the hypocrites who pray so that people may see them praying on street corners or places of worship. He says when we pray go to your inner room and pray to the Father in secret.  My question to you is where is that inner room ?  We all have that inner room where we go when we want to just rest with Lord and be at peace.  It’s also a place where we can go for spiritual guidance.

My oldest son is an airline captain.  One day I was invited to the cockpit by him.  As I looked at all the instruments and switches, I said;”do you know what all of those instruments and switched do?” He turned and said: “dad it’s my job to know!”   If he’s going to guide the airplane safely to its destination then he had better know what all the stuff does !

Sometimes like a pilot trying to navigate through the clouds and fog we need to have Jesus to lead us through our fog.  Our cockpit is that inner room or place in our hearts.  Jesus however doesn’t say I’ll remove the clouds and fog from you life rather he says: “I’ll ride next to you and show you the way to go.”

I can’t see the future, but I believe Jesus is with me in my inner room. All I have to do is ask him: “What do you want me to do. In what direction do you want me to go ?”  That’s what happens when I pray.  That’s the kind of prayer Jesus loves !

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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