Orange County Cursillo |
Sheila and I just returned from a short week in Juneau, Alaska. It was our 50th and last state to visit. We were struck by the beauty of that place but also how isolated it is. The only highway is 38 miles long and then it just ends. Juneau is only accessible by air or sea. There is a feeling there of isolation but also tranquility. We visited a remote shrine in honor of St. Theresa and a retreat center run by the Diocese of Juneau. What a beautiful place for a silent retreat. I’m happy we were there in the summer since they get nine feet of snow in the winter. It is indeed the Last Frontier.
A place like Juneau helps you think about your priorities in life. Jesus raises the question whether my assets have become my God. Jesus says you can’t serve both God and mammon or your “stuff”.  In other words, you can’t have the same devotion to both. I ultimately serve one or the other. In Cursillo we ask this question. “Tell me how you spend your time, your money, and your thoughts, and I’ll tell you what is most important in your life.”
When I apply this formula to myself I often leave out “my thoughts “. My thoughts are an important indicator of what I truly worship in life. It’s a good formula and it’s just between me and God. Find a quiet place like Juneau and try it ….. !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug