First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers reading this reflection. May God bless you to be that role model your children and family need !

In my life I have had many jobs and many job titles as I worked for ten major US corporations over the course of my career.  However the most cherished of all my titles is that of Fathers (now grand father).  It is something I thanks God for all the time.  While it is the most cherished, at times it is also the most difficult position I have ever held.  I was a father at an early age and probably did not have the maturity to take on this task.  Thank God I also went to Cursillo at an early age which helped to become the father Jesus expected me to become.

Many times we become fathers not at a time we expect or when we are ready.  Yet if we stay close to the Lord he will shape our hearts so we can mirror his unconditional love.   We are also not alone.  We are part of a Church filled with saints who show us that change is possible.  We also have our friends and groupies we can turn to for support when we need it.  Finally we have the Holy Spirit who is always there to remind us of Jesus love and who helps us grow in his grace !

DeColores all of you and Happy Father’s Day.  Deacon Doug


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