Orange County Cursillo |
Today is the feast day commemorating the birthday of St. John the Baptist. It is also approximately the longest day of the year. This day always reminds me of the flow of our church’s liturgical calendar. This feast day was placed here because after today the days get shorter. Remember John said that he had to decrease so the Messiah could increase in influence. Then the church placed Christmas on approximately the shortest day of the year so that after Jesus’ birth, the days get longer. This signifies the light coming into our human existence. I just love the symbolism of these two feast days. 
Jesus said that no one born of woman was greater than John the Baptist. Yet he also says in Matt. 11:11 that you and I, “the least born in the kingdom of God”, are greater than John. John the Baptist was the greatest, but we are greater because of what Jesus has done in our lives.
God’s will in our lives doesn’t happen automatically however. We need to say yes to his will as did John. John said no to his own will and yes to God’s will, because he knew God had given him a specific mission. We have a specific mission from God as well. We say yes to God’s will in the big and small choices we make every day. Pray that we make the right choices more time than not !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug