At the time of Jesus if you had leprosy you were separated from the community and lived in isolation. If a healthy person approached, you had to call out “unclean”. There was good reason for this isolation because they knew it was highly contagious and there was no cure. Sounds like the isolation we have experienced with the Coronavirus for the same reasons. We are in a spiritual desert and can’t seem to find the way out.
There are times in our lives when we feel unclean or are in a spiritual desert. We may hesitate to call out to Jesus for help or ask for forgiveness. We might avoid Eucharistic Adoration because we can’t seem to believe that God would speak to us there. We may go to confession but doubt our sins are truly forgiven. Sometimes these feelings are stronger when we are isolated and cannot go to mass or Adoration or even socialize with people such as during this COVID-19 Pandemic.
Most people have gone through these spiritual deserts. However we must believe in our hearts that he loves us and wants to speak to us. Right now imagine him placing his hands on you and giving you an extra dose of grace. Know always that no matter how unclean we may feel, we are always worthy of his love! If you know someone who is feeling spiritually down, call them or email them and let them know God loves them!
DeColores, Deacon Doug
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