Orange County Cursillo |
In Jesus time, the Jews hated the Romans because they represented everything the Jews stood against including pagan beliefs and worship of idols. It was therefore astonishing for them to see Jesus conversing with and then going with a Roman Centurion. Even more so because a Centurion in the Roman army was a man of considerable power having 100 soldiers under his command. They were the backbone of the Roman Army especially in occupied countries.
The Centurion was not only courageous in approaching Jesus, but risked ridicule from his fellow soldiers. Yet he was a man of extraordinary faith who believed that Jesus could heal his beloved slave. Jesus commended him for his faith and granted his request. In doing so he also faced ridicule from the Jews who couldn’t understand what Jesus was doing.
The question is: are we willing to suffer ridicule for our faith ? When we need help, do we approach Jesus with the same faith as the Centurion ? Do we live in expectation that the Lord is always ready to heal us and help us in time of trouble ?
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug