Orange County Cursillo |
We know from the Catholic Catechism that mortal sin takes away Sanctifying Grace and cuts us off from God. Today’s gospel illustrates that separation, as the two possessed men keep their distance from Christ and want him to leave them alone. Sin pushes us away from God. It’s like telling him we don’t need him, or don’t want him in our lives.
In addition, the evil of the possessed men hurt their relationship with their community as well. They have to live apart from their society. Every sin is a “social sin” because it has social consequences. Even our most personal sins in our thoughts, affect the Mystical Body of Christ. This evil of course is most harmful to ourselves because it separates us from his love.
Today Christ is inviting us to reject the glamour of evil and sin. Our souls are made for God, therefore separation from him should really bother us. We should feel the pain of that separation from him. So let us pray that God will help us cast out sin from our lives. Pray that he will help us be strong especially in those areas where we are most vulnerable. Pray that he will give me the strength I need to overcome my temptations.
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug