Orange County Cursillo |
In our gospel today from Mark 12:35-37, the end is near for Jesus, and he begins to reveal his true identity.  The Jewish scribes taught that the Messiah was the Son of David, indicating that he was inferior to David, but Jesus proved the opposite with David’s own words.
Jesus quotes from the Psalm of David, fulfilling the prophesy that the Messiah was to come that was Lord, will rise from the dead, and be seated at the right hand of God the Father. This delighted the crowds, as they loved Jesus putting the scribes in their place.
Jesus was provoking the people to think about who he really was back then, and hopefully causing us to reflect on the same questions today. Who is Jesus for me? How would I explain him to someone else that doesn’t truly know him? Do I accept the on-going invitation to a deeper relationship with Jesus?
De Colores, Deacon Kevin