We all love to receive gifts.  Jesus promised his disciples a special gift. He told them he would give them another advocate to be with them forever, namely his Spirit.

Jesus made that same promise to me.  I don’t always call upon the Spirit in time of need, but he is always there with me protecting me, helping me, strengthening me and supporting me.  That Spirit is not a messenger from God.  That Spirit IS God !

I have received the gift of the Spirit through my baptism and confirmation.  It’s a gift I celebrate during the Easter Season.  It’s a gift I celebrate as we continue in Ordinary Time with this Sunday’s feast of the Holy Trinity. It’s a gift we celebrate every time we gather at the Eucharistic Table.  You see we don’t just celebrate the risen Christ in the Eucharist, but also his on-going presence with us as travelers thru the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said; “I will not leave you orphans. I will come to you.”  Imagine how much that meant to his disciples.  Imagine how much that should mean to me !

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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