One year on my birthday I was in Kyoto, Japan all alone in my hotel room.  It was one of the first times I was ever homesick and feeling very much alone. Everyone feels alone at some time in their life.  Perhaps you have had that feeling overnight in a hospital room or as a parent when your children leave home.  Maybe the first time you’re alone in the dark in the woods.

The good news is that Jesus tells me that he doesn’t ever want me to be alone again.  He said: “I’m going to ask the Father to send me in a new way through the Spirit”.  Then you will never be alone.  The Spirit will breath in you new life.  The Spirit will be above you and below you and next to you.  The Spirit will  be with you in the loneliest of nights and the noisiest of crowds.  The Spirit will be with you if you are a sinner or a saint.  He will be with you always in good times and in bad.  No exceptions !!

Today on Trinity Sunday we reflect upon our one God who loves us as three distinct beings.  He comes to us in a trinity of ways so we may never feel alone.  All we have to do is call upon him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It reminds me of my favorite Easter song: “ I’m alive, I’m alive Because He lives “!!  Count on it !!!
It has a life-time guarantee and NO fine print !!

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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