Orange County Cursillo |
Today, Jesus shows us a contrast in two ways of praying. He holds up the tax collectors’ prayers as a model for us to follow. The tax collector is justified not because he has done all the right things, but because he has the humility to recognize his own sinfulness. One of the most important characteristics of our prayer is that it be humble. When we go to pray, we recognize our weakness and the fact that all good gifts we have received come from God. This is what makes our prayer fruitful, for God loves a humble, contrite heart.
So let us make a point to go to Confession at least once during this Lenten season. When we do, let us approach the Lord with an honest, contrite heart, just as did the tax collector. Let us be honest with ourselves in our assessment of those areas in our life where we are in need of healing. Don’t shy away from admitting your failures. 
It can be painful as we review where we have gone off course. This also helps us see how much we need God’s help to grow in love of him and his people. Don’t be afraid because God already knows our sins and is waiting and ready to forgive us.
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug