Orange County Cursillo |
Passover begins tonight, and tomorrow we begin Holy Week with the celebration of Palm Sunday and the Lord’s Passion. The theme of death in Christianity is never about dying or suffering for its own sake. I may think of death as a kind of “dead-end”, but Jesus never spoke of death this way. Jesus spoke of death as a passing through or breakthrough. You pass from a limited way of living and thinking to a fuller way of living and thinking.
These last days of Lent are a good time to think about the Christian meaning of death. I was never made to hold on to or protect my own interests and desires. I’m inclined to be self-centered. It’s that self interest that has to die. When I die to my self interest, it’s a death with a purpose. It’s a death that leads to a fullness of life. It’s a life meant to be shared with those around me.
Let us not forget that Jesus suffered and died for us. He died that we may live. Let’s live a life of love, so that others may not die missing the good news of Jesus Christ !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug