Orange County Cursillo |
What mother does not want the best for her sons. Today the mother of James and John ask Jesus for special status for her sons. She asks that they be placed in the highest position of status and power seated at Jesus left side and right side. In asking this of Jesus they would be placed above their fellow disciples.
Don’t we often do the same ? We want to get ahead to be first. Or we want to be in front of the line so we can be served first. But Jesus changes things and reverses the values of the world’s way of thinking. If you want to be first, then you have to become the servant of others. If you want to be great, then become a slave rather than a master. How shocking and controversial these words must have to all who heard him including the disciples. How shocking these words seem to us still today. 
The model of servanthood that Jesus presents is based upon my own personal choice to serve with love and compassion rather than any desire for personal reward. Jesus told his disciples he came not to be served but to serve. True servanthood is not demeaning or oppressive because it’s motivated by love and not pride. Therefore Jesus asked us the same question he asked James and John. “Can you drink the cup that I’m to drink?” 
What kind of cup does he have in store for you ?
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug