Orange County Cursillo |
The rich man in today’s gospel lived in isolated luxury, absorbed in the latest in fashion and the finest dining. He did not hurt anyone. He did not throw Lazarus off his property. He let him hang around his place. He didn’t criticize Lazarus for not getting a job or for being lazy.  His sin was he didn’t treat Lazarus as a human person. To the rich man, Lazarus was merely part of the landscape that he took for granted. 
How many people do I come in contact with who are nothing more to me than part of the landscape. Jesus told us the parable today to wake us up. There are people right in front of us everyday whom we do not see because we are too focused on ourselves. God cares for these people and He suffers when one of them suffer.
God wants us to care as he cares. He wants us to have the same generous heart that he has, one ready to give freely to people in need. Jesus’ parable shows us just how important this is to God that we take care of one another. So this Lent, open your eyes and your heart to someone who could use more of God’s love in their lives. Let us ask God to give us the heart to see the Lazarus at MY door !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug