Orange County Cursillo |
In today’s Gospel, Matthew 21: 33-43, Jesus tells the parable about the vineyard and the evil tenants. The owner built a vineyard and then leased it to tenants. When the owner sent his servants to help with the harvest, the tenants beat, stoned and kill the servants. When the owner sent his son, thinking the
tenants would respect him, and did the same.
The tenants Jesus is talking about are the chief priests and elders. The servants are the prophets sent by God to his people. The owner’s son is Jesus, who’s treatment is foreshadowed in this parable. Jesus tells the chief priests and elders because of their behavior, the kingdom will be taken away from them and given to others who will help it bear the kind of fruit God wants.
This parable gives us a lot to reflect on in terms of what kind of tenants are we? What responsibilities in the vineyard has God entrusted to us? How do I treat those he sends into our lives bringing the good news? What fruit are we bearing for God? Let us pray that we are producing good fruit and are found worthy of remaining tenants in the vineyard.
De Colores, Deacon Kevin