Orange County Cursillo |
Today Jesus cleared the temple of the money changers. For me, Lent is a time when I cleanse the temple that is myself. Like the so called “spring cleaning”, it’s something I have to do on a regular basis. Despite my best intentions, things can creep into my life that are not of God. These things need to be cleaned out. Perhaps I need some heavy-duty cleaning such as when I move the sofa and vacuum under it. No matter how clean the living room looks, when I move the sofa I find popcorn, toys and all kinds of things.
Perhaps this Lent I need to move the sofa in my life. I need to do some deep cleaning. I can do that by fasting, by more intense prayer, and more intensive works of mercy. They help me see things differently, and I begin to take an honest look at my life.
What I do this Lent is not simply getting rid of the sinfulness in me, although there is plenty of that to do. It’s also opening my heart and mind to a fresh, deeper, fuller awareness of God within me and around me. That’s the deep cleaning we often need.
So my friends, since it’s almost spring, help me move the sofa !!
St.Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug