Orange County Cursillo |
In our Gospel today, Luke 4: 24-30, Jesus tells us that no profit is accepted in his own native place. I think of this Gospel when I hear our Cursillo saying “bloom where your are planted”. Often times when we have a conversion, and are on fire for Christ, we are sent right back to the environments we came from. If it is a radical conversion from the way we were before, it can be hard for people to accept the change in us.
After I made my Cursillo, I thought God surely doesn’t want me back at the construction company I work at, with all the un-Christian behavior, and that he would move me to a holier place. God made it clear that weekend that he had me exactly where he needed me, and I was to “Bloom where I was planted”. I faced ridicule there, as I started to make changes in my life, and stood up against some of the bad behavior.
What got me through those times was I remembered in Matthew 5:11 that Jesus also predicted that his followers would be ridiculed for his sake. What got me through these times was the incredible joy I found by living my life for Jesus. When things got tough, I asked myself a simple question, who am I trying to please, the world, or Jesus?. For me, the answer was obvious and
De Colores, Deacon Kevin