Fr. Lane Akiona, Pastor of St. Augustine Church by the Sea, Waikiki, O’ahu, Hawai’i and Councillor for Hawaii, provides our reflection for March 31.

The Israelites’ in journeying to the Promised Land complain to Moses about the desert existence that he has brought them too. They were not used to such harsh living conditions especially the food. They were focused more on their comfort instead of what awaits them as promised, they grow impatient.

We grow impatient especially during this pandemic crisis that is affecting our global communities. We want answers, solutions and a vaccine now to cure all, so that life can continue as it used to be. Yet, we fail to realize that lockdown allows the earth and humanity to heal from its past abuses and indifferences. Staying at home, families are doing what families are supposed to be doing, being with each other. Doing the things that are important, sharing their lives, experiences and hopes, getting to know and caring for each other.

At the same time we are conscious of those most vulnerable, so we extend a helping hand to our neighbors who are in need. This pandemic teaches us that as a global community we can make changes that benefit humanity and the environment. Not seeking power, control or authority over others and respecting the gifts that have been given to us from Akua (God). It teaches us that we can put aside our prejudices, our indifferences, our attitudes and work together for the common good of humanity.

Let us continue to do what is pleasing to the Father, for His Spirit will be the source to guide us to what he has promised, that is life with the Father through him.

Mahalo Ke Akua (thank you God)

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