I just finished a long telephone conversation with my first pastor as a deacon and founding pastor of San Antonio – Fr. Seamus. He never fails to call me on the anniversary of my ordination which was 41 years ago. It Is so wonderful because we use this time to reflect on ministry together. A few years ago he called as I was driving across the Indiana farm lands on my way to Purdue U.

Reflecting on where we came from is always a good thing to do. It helps guide us to where God wants us to be. If we are honest we can see God nudging us to keep us on the right path. We can also reflect upon that metanoia which took place in our lives and , for me, changed my life forever . Of course you know that in my case it was Cursillo and the overwhelming power of God’s love !

No matter what our past has been, Jesus is telling us he is on our side. He has overcome sins and the power of evil and we can share in his victory.
We have options that our ancestors never had – we have the Holy Spirit always ready to helps us.

On this my anniversary I say to all of you with love the words of Jesus to his disciples: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you”.

DeColores, Deacon Doug

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