Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.  Once when I was on Portugal, long before GPS or cell phones, I set out to drive to Fatima but got lost.  The direction given to me were false either by ignorance or to purposely keep me from getting there.

Often in life we get off the right path and get lost !  Jesus uses the beautiful image of the vine and the branches to describe the way we are united with him and depend upon his support.  That’s why Jesus tells us to remain in him.  But how do we do that when we get off the right path and lose our way ?  By leaning on him continually in love, in trust and in friendship.  We need to seek encounters with him throughout our day.  As you are folding the laundry offer him praise.  At work take a moment to thank him you still have a job.  In your car at a red stop light express your love for him while you wait for the light to change.

As the day progresses you may feel anxiety welling up as experience sadness or struggle as temptation try to pull you off the right path.  These are important times to reach out to him to reset your compass.  Try it ! The possibilities to reach out to him for guidance are in endless as is his grace !
Our Holy Land Pilgrimage is still on for 9/3 to 9/13.  We still looking for people who might want to go.

Second, we are planning a work day at Divine Word to sanitize, Organize And get it ready to hold Cursillo again. Please let us know if you can help from 7/11 to 7/13.  Mass and prayer is also planned !!

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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