Orange County Cursillo |
A story has been told of Leonardo Da Vinci regarding one of his paintings. According to the writer, he decided to paint a very large painting. He selected the canvas, decided on the subject matter, prepared the pigments to get just the desired blend of color. This preparation took many months. He then began painting. After a period of time he quit painting. He asked one of his students to finish what he had started. The student was horrified and argued he could not possibly do the work of the master. Leonardo told him to follow his inspiration, learn from what he taught him and do the best he could. He would be happy with the results.
This story is what the Ascension is about. The master (Jesus) has quit working on his masterpiece and has returned to the Father. He has asked us, his students, to finish what he began. It may not be perfect, but if we follow his inspiration and learn from what he taught us, it will be acceptable to the master and he will be happy with the results.
My friends, it’s time to go out and finish the painting the master had begun !!
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug