Orange County Cursillo |
Jesus became part of our world and he planted seeds in it by his teachings, his way of life, and by God’s goodness. These things didn’t spring up from the world. They all came from God. God has plans for creation, and the ultimate plan is for us in the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore as Pentecost draws near we are grateful.
We’re grateful this world exists
We’re grateful we live in a free country.
We’re grateful we have our Church and the Eucharist.
We’re grateful we have Cursillo and our extended family.
Wet grateful for the gift of life and that we exist.
We’re grateful we have Jesus as our brother.
Let us always be grateful for what we have and not complain about what we do not have. Remember we are on a journey. Jesus is a traveler with us as we make our way to heaven. Let us always be grateful for that !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug