Orange County Cursillo |
In our Gospel today from John 19:25-34, when Jesus saw his mother and the disciple he loved from the cross, he said, “Woman, behold, your son”; and he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother”, and the disciple took her into his home. 
There is so much going on in these two sentences of the Gospel. First, Jesus is making sure his mother would be okay when he was gone. She would soon be a widow with no child to care for her, so she would be an outcast in those times. Jesus wanted to make sure his disciple would take her into his home and care for her, like he would do for his own mother.
Second, Jesus wanted to make sure everyone knew his mother Mary was the mother of everyone, not just Jesus. She raised him in the faith and was a spiritual mother, and she is for all of us.
This is the love and caring of Jesus. As he was dying an agonizing death on the cross, he had the compassion to make sure his mother was taken care of and his beloved disciples for the future.                
If we ever wonder how much Jesus loves us, we can reflect on this Gospel today. 
De Colores, Deacon Kevin