Our prayers today for all who gave their lives that we may be free. We know that freedom comes at a price, even religious freedom. Jesus says that in the world we will have trouble. We see that today as we fight to reopen our churches. Our governor wants us to stay closed under the guise of safety, but allows casinos and massage parlors to be open. You can have 60 people on an airplane but no more than 10 in a church.  Yet we remain faithful because Jesus also said “I have overcome the world”.
While I am frustrated at what is happening, I remember 1 Peter 3:11; “Seek peace and follow after it”. As Christians we never return insult for insult or let anger rule our lives. We seek forgiveness with all people. We speak the truth and turn to the Lord in prayer to be our strength, even as we speak out against injustice. Because Jesus conquered the world we live in peace and speak out only in peace.
In trying times like this pandemic it may take a lot of work to live in peace, but we don’t have to do it alone. If you find yourself becoming more anxious or unsettled, pray for that peace that only He can give. Talk it over with other Cursillistas. We are always there for each other. Remember Jesus and mother Mary has “got your back”!
DeColores, Deacon Doug
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Magnificat publication, a spiritual guide that includes daily Mass: https://us.magnificat.net/free
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