Orange County Cursillo |
The gospel presents is with a paradox: we lose what we keep and we gain what we give away. Sometimes I feel that if I did everything God wanted me to do, I wouldn’t have any fun in life. All the good things I enjoy, all my treasures would be taken away.  So I basically try to follow God’s call, but I’m careful so as not to abandon myself completely to God. 
However God isn’t standing over me pointing to my shameful condition with one hand and with the other hand pointing to perfection in the distance. A golf pro wouldn’t compare my swing to Tiger Woods’ and then tell me how terrible I am. A good golf pro would point out one good thing in my swing and then tell me how to improve from there. God does the same.
I have certain treasures that I cling to even though some of them stand in the way of my becoming what I really could be in my Dougness.
What is God asking me to let go off ?
What is God asking me to become !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug