The apostles were anything but perfect and the Gospels tell me more about their faults than their virtues. Think about it; they bickered, they fought over who would be first, they wanted power, Peter denied he knew him, they deserted him, and they didn’t even come to his funeral.  They weren’t perfect or famous.  Most of the apostles are never spoken of again in the rest of the Scriptures.

You see Jesus doesn’t expect me to be perfect or famous either.  Jesus does expect me to be great and he puts that greatness within reach.  I can’t walk on water, but I can be a foot-washer, and Jesus said that’s what greatness is.  I can’t raise the dead, but I can lend an ear and be compassionate to someone who is dying, and that greatness also.

After Jesus breathed forth the breath of God over them, he commissioned them to go out and be the greatest forgivers in the world.  That wouldn’t make them famous.  That certainly wouldn’t make them perfect.  But it would make them great.  I’m still a sinner and I’m still going to be the same impetuous person after this pandemic is behind us.  But the breath of God is within me and it calls me to bring God’s love and forgiveness into my little world.  That breath calls me and you and ALL of Cursillo to greatness !!

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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