The gospels were preached long before they were ever written down. I would guess Peter heard the story of his denial in the courtyard told over and over again.  I wonder how he felt? The other apostles must have also heard the story of how they fled when Jesus was arrested preached as well.  I wonder how they felt ?

Probably Peter would have stood up for Jesus if he was on trial before the magistrate rather than with the servant girl in the courtyard.  I would like to think I would do the same if I were called to trial to defend my belief in Jesus Christ.  The Adrenalin would flow and I would ask the Holy Spirit for the spiritual strength to stand up for Jesus.  I would hope that I could do it.

But the problem is in the courtyards of my life where I am often called to defend my belief in Jesus Christ and my Catholic faith.  These courtyards are the coffee station at work or the dinner table with relatives or the soccer field with other parent.  The people here are ordinary people who want to know what I believe and the value system I follow in my life.  They often challenge my faith because they have heard false truths of what Catholics believe.  A lot of times I may hedge my response.  I may feel embarrassed or afraid.

Do you deny Christ in the ordinary courtyards of your life ?  It’s something to think about !

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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