Orange County Cursillo |
In our gospel today from Mark 11:11-26, Jesus comes into the temple and finds people selling animals for sacrifice, and unscrupulous money changers. He is so angry that he makes a whip and drives them out along with their animals, and he turns over the money changers’ tables. 
This is the only time in scripture that we see Jesus acting violently towards people. In doing so he showed this authority over the leaders of the temple who have allowed such desecration of the temple, and were no doubt profiting from it. He also showed how passionate he is about keeping the temple clean.
Jesus’ cleansing of the temple is also a prophetic sign of what he wants to do with each of us.
He wants to cleanse us of sin and make us living temples of his Holy Spirit. 
Is there anything in us that is making us unholy and needs driving out?
I know there is some “house cleaning” I need to do in my temple!
De Colores, Deacon Kevin