Orange County Cursillo |
Many of the religious leaders of Jesus’ time could not accept him because they could not accept his authority as coming from God. After Jesus cleansed the temple area of the merchants and money changers, they posed a question of authority to him to try to trap him. Jesus, seeing through their trap, poses a question back to them and makes their answer a condition for his answer.
Was the work of John the Baptist human or divine ? Of course the authorities dodged the question, because they were unwilling to face the truth. They would not accept the Baptist and they would not accept Jesus as the Messiah.
The Lord Jesus poses the same question to us today. Do you believe that Jesus was sent by the Father as his only begotten son to set us free from sin and bring us to eternal life ?
Do you know the joy and freedom of living according to God’s word of truth, joy, and eternal life ? So this weekend, ask the Holy Spirit to give you this wisdom and fill you with God’s gifts each and every day !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug