We read today in Acts 28:16; “Paul was under house arrest. As he awaited his trial in Rome, he lived by himself with a soldier guarding him, and people continued to visit him.” Just like us Paul was quarantine but his was much more severe and lasted for two years.

Yet in the midst of this trial he continued to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you are feeling very confined right now stuck in your home with children or elderly parents. Even though you may feel confined, you still having something not available to Paul. You have Social Media. At Cursillo we have conducted all of our meeting using Zoom. You can also join an open group each Thursday via Zoom. My reflection each day is posted on four forums: email, our Web Site, Facebook and Instagram. Even during these times we can continue to grow and share our faith journey with one another. How wonderful is that !

Even in prison Paul found great joy in sharing the gospel with those who visited him. Let us find great joy in the midst of the Coronavirus by sharing that same good news with one another. Following Paul’s example, let us share our faith journey with the people around us using the technology we possess !

DeColores, Deacon Doug

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