First let me say “Happy Birthday “ to our church as today is the day it all began.
Also let me say that what we see in the news is the devil running rampant thru our cities. It started with the four cops in Minneapolis and has spread to many more misguided individuals and groups ! The devil has loved this quarantine because our churches have all been closed but we didn’t quarantine him.
When we were baptized, like the apostles at Pentecost, we were immersed in the Spirit. Thru that initiation we were called to carry out the Lord’s work in our lives. Obviously if we were baptized as babies that work needed to wait a few years. As we became adults that mission became very specific to me, because since the beginning of time, there has been no one exactly like me. And I would say until the end of tone, there will never again be anyone exactly like me either.

If you don’t respond to the Lord and let the Spirit guide you to the task God has called you to do, It won’t get done. You are unique and you are special in the eyes of God. It’s not enough to go to Mass each week or use your church envelopes or observe the church regulations. Those are too generic. You have been given specific gifts of the Holy Spirit. Believe inGod’s promise of the Spirit and then pray for it. Keep praying, not just today, but every day.

Take God’s call to the next level, down deep inside of you where your truest self lives. Use those gifts, not only for your benefit, but for the good of his Holy Church.

Let us pray; “Come Holy Spirit………..”

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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