Today is Good Shepherd Sunday.  Often we see paintings of a well-groomed shepherd, staff in hand, sitting in a lush green pasture, watching over well behaved docile sheep.  This image doesn’t tell the whole truth.  Sheep and shepherds are often dirty and anything but docile.  We have seen them in Bethlehem and know they also stink !
However Jesus tells us a true shepherd knows his sheep and leads them with care.

Jesus tells us that while we are the sheep of his flock, we are also called to be shepherd for God’s people in one way or another.  Pope Francis urges us to smell like sheep.  Our “flock” may include our children, our parents, our groupies or our religious Ed class.  No matter who is in our flock, we need to remember that the sheep belong to Jesus and not us.  He treasures each one of them and wants us to reflect his love and self-sacrifice to them.

So ask yourself,  “how well do I know my sheep?”  Do I know the names of my coworkers or neighbors ? Do I know the challenges my loved ones are facing ?  Am l available when my groupies need me ?  Following Jesus example, let’s commit to set aside our  concerns right now during this pandemic to “call them by name,” and listen to their needs.  That’s one small way to be a shepherd for Gods sheep.

DeColores, Deacon Doug

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