Today we continue the gospel of the Good Shepherd picking up at verse 11.  The Old Testament  often speaks
of God as shepherd of his people Israel as we hear in Psalm 23.  But Jesus also refers to himself as the “Good Shepherd”  who will risk even his life to save the one sheep who is lost.  He tells us he came to gather the lambs into his arms.

Jesus, our shepherd, has made three promises to us his flock.  First if we accept him and follow him we will have God’s life within us.  Jesus also promised that this life will know no end. Death will not be the end but rather the beginning of this incredible life. Finally Jesus  promised us “Total Security “.  He promised us a life that is secure and nothing can snatch it out of his hands, not even sorrow or death.  Because  he is everlasting life itself, our lives are safe in his hands !

These words of Jesus upset the Jewish leaders.  They said he is either insane or divine. I would say he is either who he professed to be, “The Son of God and Savior of the World”, or he is the greatest imposter that ever lived !  We cannot be indifferent to his claim.  If we accept him, he offers us the peace and total security of unending life.

As a Cursillo community, let us recommit ourselves to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd and obey his word !

DeColores, Deacon Doug


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