Orange County Cursillo |
Jesus made no empty campaign promises. He was honest with his followers. In inviting people to follow him, he promised happiness and peace. But Jesus also cautioned that following him can be difficult, frustrating, and sometimes people will take advantage of you. 
Following Jesus is a risky business. Risky for those who dare to hope and believe in what Jesus preached. Risky for those willing to be compassionate and care about others such as the homeless.  Sometimes we are afraid to care for others and love them because it hurts when things don’t work out. Yet these are exactly the people Jesus asks us to love.
Christians are people who have dared to dream and hope. People who have risked loving. People who have goodness inside of them and want to be good for others. But Christians can sometimes feel frustrated, sad, or persecuted. Yet don’t be afraid to love and to hope for peace. Jesus promised his peace to us, so we know that in the end it’s going to be all right! 
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug