Orange County Cursillo |
At the Last Supper, Jesus tried to explain to his disciples that he was only hours away from his death. They were frightened when he talked about leaving them and were very much afraid of being alone. They didn’t realize at the time, but once Jesus gave them his Spirit after the resurrection, their union with him would be closer than ever.
Through the gift of the Spirit in my baptism and confirmation, Jesus is that close to me now. Even though Jesus will never break off this relationship with me, I can do things to lose my connection with him. Maybe I lose touch because I don’t really think about my relationship with Jesus very often. It sort of fades in and out of my consciousness.
When I lose touch with Jesus, I may wonder if my life really matters. I wonder if I’m accomplishing anything worthwhile in my life. Then I remember that Jesus chose me and loves me. Then I know that my life is important, and I can do more than I ever dreamed possible ! So always choose Jesus !
St. Joseph, pray for us !
DeColores, Deacon Doug