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In our gospel today, Jesus is walking with a group of his followers, and he comes upon a blind man. The blind man calls out to Jesus, but his followers try to silence the man. Jesus ignores them and stops to help him.
Jesus was out to change the world. The world at that time thought this man was blind because he had committed some serious sin, was unclean, and should be avoided. Jesus, time and time again, said no to this thinking in society, and stopped to help the blind man, as he did with the leper, the woman with the hemorrhage, and many more.
Who am I like in this story? Do I stop to try to help those in need, or am I too busy or indifferent and walk on by?  Jesus’ mission was bringing his Church into the streets, and bringing those in the streets into his church. How are we doing helping him with this mission?
De Colores, Deacon Kevin
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