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Most of us would agree that the world today is characterized by division and disagreement more than by unity and common values. There are so many different viewpoints we see expressed especially as we near our presidential election. These viewpoints are held and expressed so strongly to the point they often grow into discord and disrespect. Sometimes it’s even hard to have a civil conversation with the other side.
Jesus however gives us an example of the way we should conduct ourselves. He loved his enemies and prayed for those who persecuted him. He blessed those who cursed him. He sought only the good of others and sacrificed himself for them. In doing so, he showed us the way to live an authentic Christian life.
To be faithful to him, we need to reach out in love to those who don’t think like or act like us. We can still love while remaining firm in our resolve regarding the dignity of life beginning in the womb. We need to defend our Catholic faith and know that he is with us even when we feel tired and worn out. Ask him to fill our hearts with love and mercy so that we may boldly witness to the truth to those who accept it and those who oppose it !
DeColores, Deacon Doug
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