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In today’s Gospel, Jesus finds himself once again in front of the Pharisees on the Sabbath, where they were “Observing him carefully”. There happens to be a man there with Dropsy, which to the Pharisees meant he was “unclean”. This was obviously a setup to see if he would cure the man on the Sabbath, why else would Pharisees be among the “unclean”?
Jesus turns the tables on them and asks if it is legal to cure on the Sabbath, and then asks who among you wouldn’t help you son or ox on the Sabbath, and they remained silent.
Their laws were not all bad. It is good for us to try to keep Sunday as a holy day and not work if we can. Obviously, there are some of us who have jobs that require us to work on Sundays, and that is okay, for we need to provide for our families. I have struggled with not doing chores and projects on Sundays, and have tried to make a conscious effort not to in recent years. In fact, we have a saying with our 7-year-old that “Sunday is Funday” and try to reserve the day for fun things. It’s made our weekends much better, and us much closer as a family.
However, Jesus was showing the Pharisees that God would rather have mercy from us, than sacrifice for the law.
De Colores, Deacon Kevin
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