Orange County Cursillo |
In our Gospel today Luke22: 24-30, an argument breaks out among the disciples of which one of them is the greatest. Jesus had just made it clear to them that this was their last meal together before he suffers and dies, and this is what concerns them? It is clear that they did not grasp what he just told them, and what was coming soon.
The pursuit of the “Three P’s”: Power, Prestige and Possessions may be the driving force for many today in our world, and may be what the world sees as being great. But Jesus makes it clear that to be his followers, to be the greatest, you must put yourself last and serve others. Just think of what a very different world it would be if serving others was the driving force in our society. If serving others was valued as more important than the Three P’s? There sure would be a lot less pain and suffering in our world.
If we are truly followers of Christ, we will put ourselves last, and serve others. It sure is counter-cultural in our world today, but Jesus didn’t come to go along with the culture of his day. He came to stand up and change it. How is Jesus asking us to stand up and be counter-cultural today?      
How are we going to respond?
De Colores, Deacon Kevin