Thought from Fr. Martin Hughes

Our world has been shook in a way that we never could have imagined. So many of us are feeling anxious and scared by uncertainty and what lies ahead. This little virus has stopped us in our tracks.
But there are some things that it has not stopped………..
It has not stopped the birds singing on beautiful Spring mornings, or daffodils & flowers blooming in parks and gardens, or breezes gently blowing against our cheeks, or wind blowing through our hair (if you have any) or swans floating on a calm lake or dogs barking or children laughing or star filled skies. It has not stopped us from saying a friendly good morning or smiling. It has not stopped us from being helpful and caring. It has not stopped the sun light touching our faces.
My friend David says that the letters in the word LIGHT stand for LIGHT/ LOVE IS GOD’S HEALING TOUCH. If in these times we could only realise how important the people in our lives are and how much we love them and how much we are loved it might bring a new meaning into our lives and overcome the anxiety and fear that so many of us feel.
We are not in control the way we thought we were……. And that is not a bad thing. Perhaps it will teach us to appreciate more the people in our lives and the importance of the simple things of life and the wonder and beauty of God’s creation.
May joy fill your being, like the joy of birdsong on a beautiful Spring morning.
May his peace dwell deep in your soul, the peace of a calm lake at sunset on a summer’s evening.
And may love burn in your heart like fire on a winter’s night and may you show that love to all people especially to the poor, the lonely and to those who feel unwanted or unloved.
May God give you the strength of the great oak and courage to face these difficult times.
Thank you to all the nurses, doctors and health care and shop assistants who are doing a heroic job at this critical time. I will be saying a little prayer for all of us early each morning and when the sun LIGHT touches your face maybe you could say a little one for me.
Be safe & God Bless Fr. Martin