I was talking to some Cursillistas about the importance of grouping and it brought to mind a story I would like to share with all of you. Consider the image of geese flying across a beautiful blue sky in a V-shaped formation. Have you ever noticed that there is one goose that sways back and forth at the rear of the group. This goose almost looks like it is undecided as she turns a little left and then a little right, not in straight formation with the rest of the flock. The reason being that this goose is monitoring the flock to see if any of the other geese are having difficulty keeping up, getting tired, or even looking as if they want to give up. If one goose in the formation falls behind or loses team, the goose in the rear flies below this weakened goose, adjusting the air current to lift its wings and help it fly. Eventually, the other geese notice and join together to keep the tired goose moving forward toward their destination.

Groupies also join together to assist each other moving forward so no one loses steam or become discouraged. We need to fly together to bring the “good news” of Jesus to our families and to our world.

De Colores!

Deacon Doug