During the Life in Grace Rollo, all candidates are asked to fill out a Service Sheet in which they are to reflect upon what they will do in their piety, study & action when they leave Divine Word and begin their Fourth Day.  I know on my Cursillo Weekend 41 years ago my head was swimming with all of the information and love given to me on the weekend.  I know that whatever plans I made and wrote on that Service Sheet were totally unrealistic.  The wonderful thing about writing down a plan however is that we can go back several weeks and months later to see what we wrote.  I did that and when I looked at what I put on that sheet I was amazed.  It did give me the opportunity to reflect upon what my PSA had been and how I was living my Fourth Day.  I brought my original plan to my “groupies” and we all had a good laugh.  However they challenged me to make a realistic plan and follow it.

I challenge all of you to periodically review your PSA and share your honest reflection with your “groupies”.  We must all hold each other accountable to God & to each other.  That’s how we will grow in faith, hope & especially love.

De Colores, Deacon Doug

Summer, 2015