I know it may seem hard to believe, but we have just completed one year at Divine Word Seminary in Riverside.  During this year we have had 14 Cursillo weekends in three languages.  We have updated the kitchen, built permanent storage cabinets, decorated two chapels to remind us of our past, installed a laundry to clean our towels, and generally made some minor improvements to that facility.  It has turned out to be a fantastic place for people to live their Cursillo experience.  If you have not yet been there, you should really take the opportunity to come and visit us or work on a team.

Divine Word is in the La Sierra foothills and is built around a Spanish Hacienda that was part of the original 1846 Land Grant from the last Mexican Governor of California, Pio Pico. Originally it totaled 20,000 acres and was dubbed “Rancho La Sierra Sepulveda”.  Today 60 acres remain that were purchased by the Divine Word Missionaries in 1956. Because of this, it is very isolated and a peaceful place to get away from the ‘busy-ness’ of our world.  I say this because I love to sit on the large front porch of the Stone Mansion and say my nightly prayers.  As I sit there on the swing and look out over the lights of Riverside and San Bernardino, I marvel at the quiet and the beauty of the lights down below.  I celebrated my 35th anniversary of Ordination on that same front porch, so it also has significant meaning to me.  As I sit there I always pray for our Cursillo Movement and for all of you.  Don’t be a stranger !!!!

Check us out at:  www.divinewordseminary-riverside.com

De Colores, Deacon Doug
Fall 2014