This July feels a bit strange to me in the Cursillo community. Normally at this time we are in the final stages of preparing for our July weekends – heat and all – at Marywood.  However, this year we are “dark”, to use theatre parlance, partly because of scheduling difficulties with Divine Word and partly because Orange is hosting the National Encounter.  We will be back on our usual schedule of four pairs of weekends in 2015 – please check the website for dates.

Incidentally, it is not too late to sign up for the Encounter by going to the National website If you do not wish to stay at Chapman University, register as a “Commuter”. The cost is $250 versus $335 for those who are staying.

We may be dark for weekends but a lot is happening in Orange Cursillo, especially with School of Leaders.

There have been several changes recently led by Tricia Mora, and with a lot of help by Kathy Robinson. The School is moving closer to the original purpose envisaged by Cursillo’s founder, Eduardo Bonnin which is to provide an environment where the community can come together and learn more about the workings of the movement and, in so doing, stay true to it.

“Officially” teams should come from the School of Leaders. While this is not currently feasible – given the size of our teams – it is a direction we plan to move in. It is the intent that in all future teams, heavy emphasis will be placed on SOL involvement in the selection of Back Tables. After all, to be a leader on the weekend, you need to understand the Cursillo movement in depth.

We currently have one School of Leaders per month on the second  Saturday of the month at La Purisima. We realize that many Cursillistas have commitments which preclude attendance on Saturdays so Tricia Mora is currently working on adding a second SOL during the week, starting this Fall. We will gave you more details as we pin it down.

We are also looking to use School of Leaders as a vehicle for more active participation by the Cursillo community. The organization of Orange Cursillo currently falls to the Secretariat but we want to involve the community  in a more meaningful way by bringing issues to the School for discussion and feedback so that the Secretariat can serve the Cursillo community to the utmost.

If you have not been to School of Leaders recently – or at all – please plan to attend. The next one is on Saturday July 12th at La Purisima. It will start at 9 am and there is a mass at 8:15 if you wish to attend.

As Philip said to Nathaniel…..

Come and See!

De Colores,

Nick William