This past Saturday we had one of the best School of Leaders in recent memory especially for those who are preparing to give a Rollo.  The material presented was so good it should be mandatory for anyone working in the Rollo Room.  As you know we are working to get to the day when all rollistas will be selected based upon their attendance at SOL and their understanding of how our movements works and how each rollo is part of the entire Three-Day message.

Each rollo has its own characteristics but all are related to each other. If you are interested in working on a Cursillo team, please mark your calendars and attend SOL on either the second Saturday of the month at La Purisima or the Fourth Tuesday at St. Pius V.

Second is the importance of Palanca to the success of our movement.  I wish to remind everyone that Palanca is not a beautiful letter sent to our candidates or team.  A letter may be sent explaining what type of Palanca is being offered, but the letter is NOT the Palanca.  Palanca is the action; that is the prayers, sacrifices and works of mercy done for others.  Palanca may be inserted in a letter, but Palanca may also be done without writing a letter.  In that regard please continue to pray for our Cursillo movement.

De Colores, Deacon Doug