What is School of Leaders?

The School of Leaders is the place where the work of the Cursillo movement is planned, shared, and carried out. It meets monthly, using a Leaders Group Reunion as the format in which this is done. It’s members come from the membership of Cursillistas in Orange County. School of Leaders is open to all Cursistas who have made a Cursillo weekend anywhere, anytime. So come join us and fulfill the

National Cursillo Needs Volunteers

This Summer our National Cursillo Movement has chosen Chapman University in Orange to hold the National Encounter. During the encounter, participants listen to talks covering a myriad of subjects probing the essence of our beautiful movement and edification of all Cursillistas.

The Orange County Cursillo Community has been truly blessed by National Cursillo and has been entrusted to host the 2014 National Encounter at Chapman University in Orange. We

Fly Together

I was talking to some Cursillistas about the importance of grouping and it brought to mind a story I would like to share with all of you. Consider the image of geese flying across a beautiful blue sky in a V-shaped formation. Have you ever noticed that there is one goose that sways back and forth at the rear of the group. This goose almost looks like it is undecided

Merry Christmas

In the following days and weeks we will be reminded that the journey of Joseph, Mary and Jesus was not easy. However in everything they faced they were faithful, prayerful and attentive to the directions of God through His messengers. We in Cursillo have been on our own prayerful journey as we moved from Marywood in Orange to Divine Word in Riverside. It too has not been easy, but God